Brody Hall Sma type 1 trach/vent LPN or RN

Looking for night nurses so we can go home before the holidays

Brody hall was born on April 6th 2023 in rapid city SD, his parents are Aspen and Tyler Hall.
Brody has two other siblings age 4 and 3.
Brody was born a very happy and healthy baby, he was almost 6 months old when he started developing what was thought to be a cold, that turned into pneumonia, but everyone was mistaken.
Over night Brody was rushed to the icu, and intubated for 40 days at rapid city regional hospital, but the doctors and nurses quickly realized he was deteriorating and Brody’s only hope for survival was to be life flighted to the children’s hospital in Denver.
Due to this unexpected change of plans Aspen and Tyler’s life was turned upside down.
Within a few days at the children’s hospital they diagnosed Brody with SMA stage 1, which is a disease that he’ll never recover from.
Brody also has chronic respiratory failure and has been living with a trac and vent since he was 3 months old.
Due to him having to stay in Denver, the whole family had to quit their jobs, and leave behind everything they knew and relocate to Denver.
This little gift from God will be wheel chair bound his whole time on earth.
Brody is now 6 months old, and has been in the hospital since he was almost 6 weeks old.
Aspen is not able to leave his side, as he has to have someone in his room 24/7.
Brody is on a treatment to ease his pain, and help with the deterioration of his muscles.
This treatment cost $26,000 a month, and is essential for his survival.
Aspen and Tyler will need a wheel chair accessible van to get him to and from all his doctors appointments once he’s able to go home, paying for housing in a very populated area with the cost of medical bills is extremely difficult and something they can not do on their on.
Brody is the true definition of a fighter, and his family is ready to be together again.
His oldest brother who is 4 has been residing in Florida while the family restarts their life in a place, Brody also has a 3 year old brother and 4 legged best friend.
Brody has a smile that is beyond contagious and a laugh that makes anyone smile, this sweet child has had a very hard 6 months, and has been through more than any baby should’ve, the family is just praying for the day they can all be together and be a family again, in their new normal life.

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